What if… instead of the King and Queen being lost at sea, it was only the King?  What if, for whatever reason, the Queen stayed behind?

After the funeral, the Queen stands outside of Elsa’s door, hearing her eldest daughter’s quiet cries of grief.  The fact that she lost her father devastates her, but the fact she couldn’t even attend his funeral crushes her.  And in that moment, the Queen makes a decision: open the door.  Reunite her daughters.  Reveal the truth of Elsa’s powers to Anna and rekindle a relationship torn asunder by confusion, anxiety, and fear.

"Conceal it, don’t feel it."  Her husband’s mantra hasn’t truly worked for the past decade.  Perhaps it is time to try something different.  The Queen knows Elsa will be scared of harming her sister and herself, but given the alternative, to allow anguish and despair to slowly kill her daughter piece by agonizing piece, it really isn’t a choice.  She just hopes that her husband can look down from the heavens and forgive her.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman (redux)
Daughter, please, I know you’re in there
And I know you still have fear.
I’ve always been so proud of you
But I need you to
Let me be near…
We three still have each other
And we’re family
I know what we’re going to do:
We’re going to build a snowman…